Do you need some coloring pages to kick your school year off on the right foot? Adding printable color by number worksheet to your lessons and preschool themes will be a great idea. It’s an easy way to add all kinds of early learning skills practice that’s super fun for kids too. Check out all the fun color by number worksheets available here!

Color By Number Worksheet Christmas

You can use these printable color by number worksheet to encourage problem solving. Each page contains an image hidden in the shapes and squiggles for your children to discover as they color. In the end, the image is revealed by the colors your kids apply as they complete these color by number printables. One of the biggest early learning skills your kids will get to practice with color by number printables is fine motor. Fine motor skills develop over time as children mature and are essential to all kinds of important tasks from buttons to zippers to writing their names.

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Color By Number Worksheet Cow

You can encourage children to practice fine motor skills and perfect these important early learning skills with printable color by number worksheets. Printable color by number activities are a great place for kids to practice reading color words that might be more challenging like “orange” and “violet.”

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Color by number pages give kids a set of procedural steps to follow to complete the task that are fun and engaging. It’s an easy way to help them build their powers of concentration and focus. Plus, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know it!